Citizens of the normally peaceful Land of Sweets are literally up in arms as there have been multiple confirmed reports of "Hideous Blue Mutants" roaming their streets.

Just prior to mobilizing the Land of Sweets National Guard to contain this threat, it was determined that this whole brouhaha was caused by an omission in Mama Ginger's shopping list (or perhaps Papa Ginger's oncoming senility). Without dark molasses for her Gingersnap recipe, Mama Ginger had to improvise and, unfortunately, chose to use blueberry syrup instead. Not only did this change the color of the resulting Gingersnaps to the monstrous shade of blue but it also increased the size of the Gingersnaps to their gargantuan proportions.

Mama Ginger has been cited by the Land of Sweets Police for disturbing the peace and ordered to sign a binding agreement to never deviate from the recipe again.

DISCLAIMER: the views reported in this story are strictly those of the citizens of the Land of Sweets. The author of this story does not personally think that the blue mutants are hideous nor monstrous (though Boston has on occasion looked a not so attractive shade of green - :) .
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Lori Ryall(non-registered)
Ha ha!! Kit, you are very funny. Loved the story of the "Hideous Blue Mutants"!!
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