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CARLSBAD HIGH Lancer Dancers Banner 2014-2015Carlsbad Academy of Dance Nutcracker 2014 PosterEvoke Rainbow BannerEvoke Dance Movement GroupCarlsbad High School Lancer Dancer Showcase PosterLancer Dancer Red White and Blue BannerCarlsbad Dance Centre Rainbow Banner"CDC" by LeahCatherine Welch Senior Poster - TTP Nutcracker 2013TTP Seniors - Katie Sherman, Catherine Welch & Joanna Dare - Class of 2014Classical Ballet Positions - 0th through 5th by Katie Sherman - TTP Nutcracker 2013Benefits of Ballet Poster - TTP Nutcracker 2012To the Pointe Poster - TTP Nutcracker 2012To the Pointe Poster - TTP Nutcracker 2012Giselle by Candice Kaal-JackWWWTB (What We Want To Be) Poster - Aviara Oaks Elementary 2011-2012 - 4th Grade ELElisse Madhatter Poster - Carlsbad Dance Centre 2012Carlsbad Dance Centre 2012 Competition Team PosterCarlsbad Dance Centre 2012 Will Rogers Poster