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Giannavitis (not to be confused with Gingivitis, the gum disease) is the affliction that causes the sufferer to lose facial control and make "funny faces".

After 4 years of intense research, scientists at the TTP labs have made a startling breakthrough and found that Giannavitis is caused by prolonged exposure to high concentrations of moldy cheese, rat droppings and burnt gunpowder as found in the Stahlbaum household and Clara's bedroom in particular. As proof, the scientists offer these photos of the past 4 Claras. Future Claras are urgently advised to stock up on hazmat respirators.
Clara 2009 - Hannah WebbClara 2010 - Megan ShermanClara 2011 - Gianna Bacher (affliction's namesake)Clara 2012 - Mia Hope