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00 Gettin' Ready01 Grauman Glam Gala02 The Wonder Years03 Tonight, we are alone.04 Meeting Ethel05 Talkie Party06 Cake Popping07 Let Them Eat Pie08 Make 'em Laugh09 Sablina Antoinette10 Beautiful Girls11 Big Wigs12 Smoke and Ladder13 Elocution Lessons with Annika14 Tapping with Moses15 Hidden Mic16 Dawn of Dubbing17 Big Dance Number18 Another Bacher Incident at the Star19 Singin' in the Rain20 Intermission21 Rub a Dub Dub22 Caught24 Pink Trailer25 Big Dance Number 226 Dubbie Premiere27 Lip Synching28 Finale29 Curtain Call Waiting99 SITR Headshot Rehearsals