Even with correct exposure, photos can still be lacking if it is blurry and not "sharp". Reasons that a photo is blurry include:

  • subject is not in focus
  • camera shake - especially for slow/long shutter speeds
  • motion blur - subject moving too rapidly for the given shutter speed

Low light action photos:

  • need high enough shutter speed to not get motion blur. 1/320 second for dance minimum.
  • To get the fast shutter speed, the largest aperture (smallest f/stop number) available is likely required.
  • Depending on the available light (and the lens), photos with 1/320s shutter speed and the largest aperture setting can be severely underexposed.
  • If underexposed, increase the ISO to make the camera more light sensitive to get the "correct" exposure with the understanding that there is more "noise" with higher ISO settings.
f/5.0 1/20s - much too slow for action photosf/2.8 at 1/320s